Graham's Magnet Marketing & Sales

What we do

Anticipating the impact that the Internet would have on the marketing and sales landscape, GrahamComm created the “Magnet Marketing” concept,
a process that engages and pulls customers.

What we do first is listen to our clients. They know their business, but they
are so close to it that they find it difficult to view through the customers’
eyes. And that’s our job.

While our “toolbox” is full, we have learned that “simple trumps complex,” when it comes to marketing activities. Dollars are necessary, of course, but more dollars do not necessarily translate into greater success. It’s using
the right tools at the right time that make a difference

Our knowledge base is extensive and our experience roster includes accounting, animal feeds, fashion, life, health and P&C insurance, banking, social service agencies, legal, clothing care, home comfort, associations, wholesale distributors, financial services, and others.    
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