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We believe in sharing our knowledge and experience, openly and freely! The Learning Center features articles by John Graham that have been published in industry, trade and general press publications.

You are invited to download any articles of interest to you:
Think Your Way to Success
Proven Ways to Lose Your Next Sale
Sales Pitches that Don't Sell
How to Look Smart in Marketing & Sales
22 Ways to Make Customers Feel Valued
Someone is Out to Get You
Present Your Way to the Top
Why Customers Won't Buy from You
Why Prospecting Fails
How to be Your Companies Most Valued Employee
Why Companies Can't Get Marketing Right

Why Doing a Good Job Won't Get You Anywhere

Everyday Attitudes That Kill Success    
14 Ways To Sabotage Your Sales Career    
How To Mess Up A Business Without Breaking a Sweat    
23 Ways To Improve Your Sales Performance
Seven Rules For Getting To The Top In Sales    

Want To Be A Salesperson Customers Trust?

Tinker Your Way to Success
What Do You Mean, Think?
Where Should You Put Your Energy to be Successful?
The Big Job is Keeping Customers Happy

What Stops Salespeople from Moving Forward?
How to Get Ahead Faster – And Stay There
Why Start a New Year Off Strong, But Not End It That Way?

Why Are We Still Telling Customers What to Do?
Making the Right First Impression

Misreading Customers Means Missed Sales

How to Get the Right Job to Find You
Closing Sales Means Making Sense to Customers 
22 Reasons Why Salespeople Don't Make More Sales
Our Minds Can Play Dirty Tricks on Us
Self-Marketing - The Salesperson's Other Job
Making Self-Promotion Work for You
Customer Pleasing Marketing & Sales Ideas
Ten Sales Strategies for Taking Charge of 2015
How to Get Good (really good) at Business Communications
It Takes the Right Tactics to Improve Sales Performance

Marketing and Sales Ideas that Get Us Into Trouble
The Business Benefits of a Pipeline Mentality
"All I Want to Do is Sell"
Are We Getting What We Want from Our Marketing?

Turning Customers into Marketers
Business Ideas that Drive the Right Results
Becoming the Most Effective Salesperson
Getting the Most from Your Company's Charitable Donations
Tools to Build Your Brand 
If You Want to Get Ahead in Business, Never Say...   

We are Our Presentations

Of Course You Should Be Cynical About Marketing    
Business Truism that Aren't True and that Cause Trouble

Go Against the Tide to Move Forward in Sales  
So You Call Yourself a Professional Salesperson
Making Selling Easier
Get What You Need from Your Company's Marketing
How to Avoid Getting into Trouble with Colleagues and Customers
Why Marketing Goes Wrong
How to Act Like a Saleperson
So You are Going to Present 
Stop Business Crises Before They Create Havoc
How to Avoid Messing Up Your Marketing
It's Your Questions That Make the Sale
Business Ideas That Challenge Thinking
Ten Ways to Fire-Up Your Business That Work
Seven Qualities That Produce Star Performers

How to Really Satisfy a Customer Complaint

17 Ways to Tip the Sales Scale in Your Favor
How to Stop Driving Customers Away

The Art of Making Sales from Those Who Do It Best
A Short Course in Avoiding Marketing Stupidity
Caution! Ask the Right Questions Before Taking Your Next Sales Job
What To Do Before It's Too Late

At Times, Business Owners Can Be Their Own Worse Enemy
Turning Buyers Into Believers
It's No Time to Trip
Why "Elevator Speeches" Defeat Sales
The Seductive Sin of Marketing and Sales
How to Profit from Customer Buying-Cycle Basics
Getting the CEO to Get Marketing
Overcoming the CEO Syndrome
So You Want to Sell Insurance
Twenty Customer Care Actions that Build Sales
Don't Mess Up Your Marketing
Eighteen Ways to Make Sure You Lose the Sale
Eight Ways to Give Yourself a Sales Edge
Losing Customers Requires Just as Much Effort as Winning Them
How Can We Help? Marketing and Sales made Simple– –and Right
The Incredible Power of Small Business
What Businesses Can Learn from the iPhone Phenomenon
How to Make Marketing Work
How to Make Salespeople More Effective
Making Sure You Get the Sale
Five Marketing and Sales Mysteries Revealed
Marketing Stories Tell the Marketing Story
Twenty-two Effective Ways to Out Market the Competition
Six Outrageous Marketing and Sales Ideas that Make Sense
Ten Strategies for Outsmarting the Competition
Is it Time to Pull the Plug on Sales Commissions?
Put Your Marketing to the Test and See How You Are Doing
Salespeople Under Siege: The Profession Redefined
How to Keep Your Sales from Running Out of Gas
A Sales Strategy That Works! How to Get the Fish In the Boat the Right Way
Seven Ways to Kill Your Future Without Even Knowing It
Ten Quick Ways to Improve Your Marketing
Eighteen Things We Can Do Without So We Can Do More Business
Unusual Strategies for Closing More Sales
Figuring Out What's Important in Business 

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